Accompanied by the “fierce”, Messi was angry with the unknown player

The Argentine superstar was not pleased when defender Javier Ribelles was too tight in a friendly match.

On September 12, Barca had the first friendly match of the season against rival Gimnastic Tarragona. After the controversy related to the request to leave, Messi is the character that is most interested in this confrontation. However, in the 45 minutes on the field, the Argentine superstar did not show much, partly because he was too “burning” by defender Javier Ribelles on the side of Gimnastic.

After the game, Ribelles revealed that Messi was furious after being followed by him in the picture with the ball. “I always try to keep Messi from turning because if I let him do it, things get very complicated. In a situation where he gets the ball in a back-facing position, I rush in and influence. His legs, arms and chest Then Messi passed the ball and came back to tell me, What are you doing, idiot? When did you stop kicking me? You did it so many times. already”.

Accompanied by the extreme, Messi was angry with the unknown player - Photo 1.
Accompanied by the extreme, Messi was angry with the unknown player - Photo 2.

Messi was angry after being followed closely by Ribelles and kicked hard

However, Messi’s exasperation did not make Ribelles to change his approach. Messi eventually left the field without a goal or assists. “I told Messi that he is the best and so I cannot be even one meter away from him,” added Ribelles.

Leaving a bad impression on Messi, Ribelles after the match decided to change shirt with Antoine Griezzman and received the nod from the French international.

Coming back to the match, Messi did not score but Barca still easily defeated the opponent with a score of 3-1. In the short term, Barca will have another friendly match with Girona for coach Ronald Koeman to test the squad before entering the new season with a confrontation with Villarreal on September 27.

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